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2020 has been all lemons, and we love lemonade! We've been spending the time off-stage recording our first full-length album, Big Bangs. The first two songs off the album were released in June - check them out below or on Bandcamp!

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Hiding All the Way -- A circular Truman Show of conundrums: Is it a fantasy world that I occupy, or did I escape it, or is this new reality that I escaped to yet another fantasy? Funny how only we are fooled by our own fantasy. Facing our fear is the only way out.

New Tyrant -- Authoritarianism is an aspect of humanity; each new tyrant succeeds the last. As sure as there is no light without darkness, there will be no end to the need to defend freedom.


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Climate Refugee: Day 28

I know, nice life for a "refugee." But still, I'd rather be at home and back in my studio! Every day from our fourth story hotel room (which for some reason keeps making me dizzy), this is what I see:

AIP in a hotel - new set of meal photos

The AIP diet from my hotel room goes on. I can't do the diet properly from here. I'm supposed to be eating kidney and liver and other "offal," but I need an actual kitchen to prepare those things right, and…

Invictus Take 2

One week later, my stalwart friends trekked back out to the boat on the hillside. We corrected all the mistakes from last time, but got heaping plates full of new lessons in take 2. I'll do what I can with…

AIP in a hotel

So a couple things about the AIP diet that make it impossible for me to eat out -- no vegetable/seed oils allowed, and no pepper or spices. I have found one amazing restaurant near the hotel (El Ranchero)…

Life goes on; shooting video for Invictus

Lots of planning culminated in a video shoot yesterday that was still short on planning. Only way to truly learn what you don't know is to try something and fail! Racking up the lessons learned. While most of yesterday's lessons…

Pretty nice life, for a climate refugee

Today I got to enjoy my Christmas present to myself - this facial. It had been rescheduled due to a large hematoma from my sweet, precious wild child accidentally sinking her tooth into my head! Maybe some video from this…