Elyce Tyler tackles both hope and despair in her homespun songs of freedom. Inspired by worn-out tires and moss on the wall, the grace of a chainsaw spared from the rain and a life spared for another day, Tyler revels in joy, wonder and gratitude. The reverence is pockmarked with doubt and uncertainty, but Tyler sings a way free from the Swamp of Sadness and returns with renewed strength, rallying for the hope and courage to stand and fight with the Rebellion.

The music emerges from the rich history of folk and rock, with an undercurrent of awe for blues and jazz. Imbued equally with the powerful and the sultry, the jaded and the yearning, Elyce Tyler and bandmate Ben Ewing release sound and syncopation from the core elements of rock. The full female vocals express a search for satisfaction in dissatisfaction, for peace within the constant war. Metal-powered drums tackle each note and buoy each sentiment. Lush, rhythmic, acoustic guitar fills in the crevices and greases the gears.